April 2020

H O W // were you ever not here?

You were wished for, dreamed about and hoped for but we really had no idea how much joy you would bring to our little family.

You have come along and nestled your way into our hearts as if you’ve always been here. Making us seem foolish to think our lives were somewhat whole without you.

We are baffled to figure out what we did with our time before you consumed our days, before we spent hours gazing at you, passing you around like a little doll.

You’ve brought the best out in us all, in a world where it’s been hard to see the good. You’ve reminded us how to relish in the magic of monotony and appreciate the small joys family time brings.

You’re the perfect sweet bow to tie up our family, a family we didn’t realise was incomplete until you came along.

How glad we are that you’re now here and that you’re all ours to smother and love until the end of time x