Goodbye, little home

October 2018

Today another sweet little family moved into our very first little home.

As you’ve all seen over the past 2 months, we have renovated that wee little abode within an inch of its life.. we’ve painted and refloored, we’ve gutted and relayed, carpeted and retiled, landscaped and repaved. All for these darling new tenants to enjoy. And as beautiful as it looked before we handed over the keys, the best it’s ever looked, there was a pang of sadness and regret to think of all that we’d done to it. It’s almost as if renovating it took the heart out of it, OUR heart out of it. I’m sure a new little heart will soon form, but for us it’s almost like renovating it helped us to cut our ties, ties that intertwined our family unit to the foundations of that home for the past 6 years.

We painted over dirty handprints from baby palms learning to wall, scrapes from new puppy claws and dents from a stray dumbbell. We tiled over splashes from the boys favourite meals, burns from the time Mama caught the grill on fire and paint marks from the day the boys decorated their bedroom. We ripped up carpets stained with gallons of baby nurofen, with areas worn from the constant nursing track for poor baby Noah and the ink from when E got into the craft box. We took all of our memories, packed them up neatly into our hearts and minds and were left with a blank canvas - a canvas that would be easier to miss.

I really feel that on some level we may have transformed this little house of ours, this hub of our history, the heart of our family so that it would forever be just for us. The newly painted walls, divine fresh carpet and stain free tiles are perfect for a new family to make their own mark on 3 Glennie. But, the home that we started our married life in, the place we brought our babies home too, the home we welcomed our Polly girl and the place we first owned will forever be a memory just for us.

Farewell 3 Glennie, you were nothing fancy, nothing frilly but you were ours.

We will miss you.

J x