Slow down, Kid

March 2019

First it was the way his face changed. The button-ness of his nose started to fade, his wink has been perfected and he no longer crinkles his top lip when he’s thinking. His chin is rounder, but his face longer. His tongue is still helping his brain to work when he’s concentrating, but it seems more focused and tamed, it’s no longer trying to jump out of his mouth when he’s trying to tie his laces or draw his favourite characters. I miss that crazy, dancing tongue. And the fresh cut. Hello, Kindergarten!

Then it was the way he spoke - hilarious, literally and unbelievable all of sudden are now a regular part of his vocabulary. He isn’t barking random demands and ideas at us anymore, he’s asking intriguing questions and explaining awesome new discoveries to us as if we’d never even heard of them. His little voice is more mature and tailored than its ever been and his sarcasm game has stepped up a huge notch. He now loses it at how cheeky he can be with his words without actually breaking our rules.

Which leads me to his laugh. His beautiful giggle just one day up and left us with no warning and now his cackle resembles that of a school kid. A grown up, young man’s laugh. It’s weird that I can even notice a difference, but I bet you’re all nodding your heads. He laughs along with our jokes in a knowing sort of way, and no longer giggles with the chubby cheeks he’s always had, his laugh is different. Not bad different, just not what we’ve always known.

And don’t even get me started on him just being able to pick up a book and read it, or the fact that he’s writing books with words that make sense - actual words. #notready

My five year old feels like he’s turning into my fifteen year old and I’m far from stoked. Every now and then we get a glimpse of the baby boy we’ve known and loved for the past 5 years but I fear those glimpses are becoming fewer and fewer. I adore the clever, capable and handsome guy our E is growing into, but sheesh, one term in!?

J x