Our second love

October 2019

H E R E Y O U A R E // turning four, when it only feels like yesterday that we found out about you.

I can still remember the elation when two little pink lines popped up, because you my darling, were our rainbow baby. Only 3 months earlier we had lost who we thought was going to be our second wee love, but little were we to know the joy we had coming with you.

It's absolutely no secret that our first 12 months together were the toughest of tough (read: In the trenches) And at the time, I would have given my right arm to have you happily be nursed to sleep by someone else, or to have spent one single night in my bed alone, or to have a rest from you and your growing body being attached to my body. But, looking back now, it is very obvious that that year together was the foundation of who we are now. That year spent sleeping face to face, spent rocking you back and forth for hours on end, spent venturing together to appointment after appointment was pivotal to creating the solid, sweet connection that we are blessed with now. You are very much a mummy's boy, you still enjoy the odd bed share and would take me on all of your adventures for the rest of your life if you had your way, I'm sure.

The past three years since you found your way have been nothing short of blissful. You have truly grown into a capable, clever and gentle little kiddo. I honestly believe that the rough start to your life has played a massive part in creating your determined nature and empathic little soul. You are the first to help, you never complain about small hardships and you can do everything 'all by myself thanks mum'. Your independence continues to make me proud each day, conquering your world every step even though you are shorter than most and your little legs don't move as fast. As Pa would day, there are no flies on your back Nono.

I am so very proud of you my big 4 year old, keep shining and growing, we love you x