A letter to my boys

May 2019

May you never be too cool. Too cool to show affection to those you love, too cool to be the smart kid in class, too cool to cheer on those who are different to you.

May you never be too embarrassed. Too embarrassed to show the real you, too embarrassed to try something outside of what the world perceives you should, too embarrassed to shed tears when your heart feels it needs to.

May you never be too fearful. Too fearful to step outside your comfort zone, too fearful for speak up when something doesn’t feel right, too fearful to right your wrongs.

May you never be too proud. Too proud to relish in your successes, too proud to realise when you have made a mistake, too proud to say sorry to those you have hurt.

May you always be respectful. Respectful of yourself, your mates, your lovers and the girls in your life. May you always having their wishes, their boundaries and their safety at the forefront of all your actions and choices.

May you always be brave. Brave to follow your interests regardless of stereotypes, brave to support your friends regardless of their lifestyles, brave to stand up for important issues regardless of the social repercussions.

May you always see beauty. Beauty in valued friendships, beauty in time spent doing things you love, beauty in being the bigger person when everything is willing you otherwise.

May you always see opportunity. Opportunity to be kind over cruel, opportunity to be fair over first, opportunity to be strong over scared.

May you always know you are loved, deeply and without condition, that you are always welcome in your home, no matter what you have done or where you have been, that you are always forgiven, even for the things you have not done yet.

My boys, I love you.

J x