I got it from my mama! I stand tall when people say I have my Mum's heart & selflessness - what a magic quality to inherit. I honestly believe I am here to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, to be an advocate for those who need the extra bit of love, to be the hands for those who are using their own for something more important. I pride myself on transforming my sweet little side biz into a platform to help a bunch of special causes very dear to my heart. I have raised over $2K for Red Kite & Ronald McDonald House Westmead in the name of my dear friend's baby girl. We have also raised over $50K for that same special family. I've raised $1000 for the Australian Farmers and spread the word on Speaking Up for dear Dolly. My parents always told us, someone is always worse off than you, be grateful for your blessings and spend time helping others.

In this little space, my blogs will be all heart. No rhyme or rhythm, but written with love at the core.

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