Climate whatever

December 2019

D E A R // those in power who can make a change,

We are suffering.

Our country is suffocating. Unable to breathe, unable to rejuvenate, unable to be saved.

The native animals are being burnt alive and our iconic bushland is disappearing by the hectare.

Our homes and properties are being left a smouldering shell of what they once were.

Families are losing livelihoods and loved ones.

Whatever you want to call it, however you want to phrase it - our CLIMATE IS CHANGING - and we are all heavily paying the price. Whole townships have been fighting week after week with no reprieve. Kids have been shipped away from families to safer ground while their parents stay to battle the most horrific blaze they have ever fronted. Rural Fire Brigades are working around the clock, spread thinner than humanly possible to help save homes while their own burn to the ground. Volunteers are selflessly away from their families without hesitation doing the best they can to ease the hundreds of fires that blazer out on control all over our country. It is a CATASTROPHIC DISASTER and you're not listening.

I now live in daily fear.

I fear for my friends and family who live in what can only be described as apocalyptic areas.

I fear for the hundreds of firefighters who just don't know if they will make it home after shift.

I fear for the health of those with respiratory conditions as our air quality worsens by the day.

But most deeply, I fear for my children. I now live with constant anxiety and fought back tears that they will be growing up in a world that is changing rapidly and dramatically but is being lead by leaders who WILL NOT listen to the facts.

Our planet is crying out for us.

Please let us help it.

Yours in fear, worry and despair,

An ordinary Aussie.