It's wrapping up

May 2020

I T // seems to be wrapping up, and I’m feeling torn.

I want the normality back but know I’ll soon miss the special kind of different that we’ve been living.

I know the kids are ready to be back at school, but I’m sure there will be days they will long for the slow mornings we’ve learnt to love.

I will not miss the homeschooling chaos and calamity but I’m certain there will be times when I miss our family backyard lunch dates and afternoon movies.

I’m ready for more socialising but would be lying if I said the guilt free, uninterrupted family time hasn’t been magical.

I feel grateful that our country has got us to such a point that we can consider taking a step back to normality, but can’t help but feel a pang of sadness that this pause in our fast paced life will soon be over.

One thing I’m not torn on is how I want to move forward from here - doing things with purpose and intent, being grateful for all we have and slowing right down to focus on what’s most precious in our lives.