I see you, mumma

May 2019

I see you, mumma.

To the mum on her phone at swimming lessons,

I see your multitasking, simply using this time to tick a few boxes or your attempt at half an hour of mindless scrolling. I see your rested shoulders as you relinquish full responsibility of your kid, even just for a minute. I see you.

To the mum fully engaged with her kid at the park,

I see the joy and unbridled love you’re showing your little one as you play their favourite game with them. I see you being present and focused on your babe, something we all need to consciously try to do. I see you relishing in this time. I see you.

To the mum bribing her kid with a lollipop at the shops ,

I see you just trying to get your shit done, doing whatever it takes to get through the monotonous grocery shop. I see you planning ahead, avoiding tantrums and relentless requests, simply keeping your babe happy so you can do your thing and get home. I see you.

To the mum with the beautifully healthy lunchbox,

I see you prioritising your child’s health and eating habits to ensure they get all the nutrition they need to get through their school day. I see all of the efforts it has taken to get your child to this point where they will eat all that goodness without bribe or hesitation. I see you.

To the mum rocking up to school drop off in her milk stained activewear,

I see you and the insurmountable effort it took you just to get the eldest in the school gate today. I see the bags under your eyes and hazard a guess at whether it’s the tiny babe in the carrier or the sleepy toddler on your leg that put them there. I see you gripping that probably lukewarm coffee for dear life. I see you.

To the stay at home mums, the working mums, the breastfeeding mums, the formula mums, the daycare mums, the dance mums, the takeaway dinner mums, the social media mums, the mums who take time for themselves and the mums who don’t, I see you. You are doing the bloody best you can, which is more than enough. Your choices, decisions and priorities are valid, and you should be bloody proud. Whatever you do, however you do it – know that you are always the star in your little ones lives.

J x