We love them too

January 2019

Dear Parents

We love them too.

We know it’s taken you mountains of strength to lift your heavy feet to walk away from your baby while you leave them in our classroom. To thrust them into this new world of cohorts and competition, a world you feel they will have to navigate themselves without you beside them. But, please know, they won’t be alone, they are with us and we love them too.

From their very first day, beaming with pride in their freshly ironed uniform, we fall a little bit in love with their wide eyed excitement and their timid, sweet charm, their need to tell us all about their family holiday to the coast and their subtle nod to the squeaky new shoes on their feet.

Then as the weeks roll by, we fall a lot in love with their cheeky sense of humour and how they stutter when they get excited. We grow in awe of their gentleness to others and their wishes to make big changes with such small feet.

We get to know when they need their puffer, when they are about to burst into tears, when they need just a second longer to get their thoughts out.

We hug them in tight when they are sad, laugh along side them then they make a mistake, gloat with them when they nail a new skill and push them that bit harder when they aren’t believing in themselves.

We love them too.

We promise to keep them happy and safe, to build them up when they feel like they aren’t good enough, encourage them when we know they can do it and teach them all the new things.

But, please know, while we love them too, you will always be their number one. You are the ones they write about in their story books, the ones they paint pictures of, the ones they role play during free time. You are the ones they pray for in prayer time, the ones they talk about with their new friends and the ones they are counting down to see at 3pm.

So, trust us to guide, support and educate your babies and remember, we love them too.

Love teachers from all over the world.

J x