Just the two of you

April 2020

F O R // years it’s been just the two of you, but very soon you’re about to become big brothers.

Watching you both together - peas in a pod, a pair of ratbags, one for each knee, one for each parent has been such a joy. It’s been easy, it’s been balanced, it’s been magic. For years it’s been just the two of you.

You’ve shared everything together - from milkshakes to swimming lessons, meals to beds, imaginary games to wildest dreams.

You’ve watched out for eachother - cuddling when hurt, consoling when worried and congratulating when kicking goals. You’ve been eachother’s champions and eachother’s cheerleaders.

But very soon, you’ll be big brothers. So very soon, it won’t be just the two of you. Soon, you’ll step up to become intuitive protectors, patient teachers, kind nurturers and gentle carers.

You’ll soon share your milkshakes and your favourite toys without question. You’ll forgive and forget out of love, you’ll sacrifice and embrace for the happiness of your new littlest love.

For you, my boys, will be big brothers. A role you have been training your whole life for, a role you’ll do so magically and I for one cannot bloody wait to witness the unconditional love and adoration.

What a lucky little babe to have you two as big brothers.