A precious reminder

June 2019

It seems, these days, we always have a reason to say ‘life is short’. As we get older, it feels like we can’t go a couple of weeks without hearing of the passing of someone we know, we watch on as friends navigate life changing illnesses in their young families, we suffer shock when a terrible accident happens to someone in our community. We can’t escape the unfortunate cards life deals both us and those we love. And every single time something devastating happens, it hits me with a hard and raw reminder of how bloody lucky we are to have this life. It really puts everything back into perspective for me.

So, why do we wait until that hard reminder to make a change? It is becoming so overwhelmingly obvious to me that running the rat race, always saying yes and constantly living the busy life is not the answer for me or my family anymore. This year we have consciously stopped, taken stock of our blessings and really tried to figure out a way to do life that straight up equals happiness. We want to be present, show appreciation for all we have and be modelling a way of life to our boys that puts magic above the materials, gratitude ahead of the grades and time spent more valuable than money invested.

A big part of this plan meant finding and following a new passion, one that brought me joy but also gave me an avenue to share love, life and stories. Hence, this sweet little blog of mine was born and I am so in love with it. But, in the bid to stay true to living our best lives, it meant saying goodbye to an old, loyal love – JEM Creative. I have almost said all that needs to be said about the last 6 years spent with my dear JEM. It’s been joyous, fulfilling, challenging and opened me up to the magic that is small business and all that it brings, especially the special hearts and incredible minds of small biz owners. Ah, such phenomenal people! But, it was sucking the life out of me. I got sick of being slave to a computer, saying no to my boys, sitting at the work desk each night instead of snuggling with my husband. This life was not aligned with what we wanted, especially after being woken many times to the fragility of what we have. So, saying goodbye to that life was easy, but saying goodbye to all that it has given me is not easy at all.

As I head on down my new path, I want to reflect on what got me to this point, and to do that, I need to thank a bunch of people. Thank you to all of those who supported me over my time at JEM. Your investment in me and my designs meant we could take family holidays, put the boys in swimming lessons and enjoy special luxuries that would not have been possible without the extra cream on top.

To my reps who captured my prints in the dreamiest of spaces, constantly supporting my releases and spreading the word of my work – you were the foundation of my success. You ladies did a bloody incredible job giving my prints life and I will be forever grateful for you choosing me and many staying for the long haul.

To those who spent time getting to know me and my family behind the squares – you, my dear ones are heaven sent! I will miss you the most. The relationships made, the friendships formed, and the networks created underpinned the complete first chapter of my life as a mother. I am so thankful to you for your special connection and love.

My biggest thank you though, goes to those precious people in my life who have suffered loss, grief and challenge in the way that no one should ever have to experience. While navigating your new lives, you’re both inspired and reminded me what is important all the while gracefully moving forward with poise and purpose. I will forever be in awe of your strength.

I am now off to live my new little chapter with a full heart and a sense of pride in all that I achieved with JEM. I am looking forward to being intentional and grateful in the way I spend my days.

Precious time is time spent with the ones we love, doing the things we love.

J x

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