To the one who made me a mum

July 2019

T O T H E O N E // who made me a mum.

Today you’re six. I’ve had six whole years of loving you, of having you by my side teaching me how to be a mother. It hasn’t all been sunshine & roses, in fact lately you’re ensuring I learn a whole new skill set of parenting. But, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, I have adored you since the day you were born.

My little love, you’ve shown us just how quickly time can go. It sounds cliche, but I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday - the nerves, anticipation and complete adoration once we met your beautiful little soul. So to have stood by you over the past six years, witnessing you grow into this intelligent, compassionate, capable and sensitive little man has been a real blessing.

It’s been a blessing watching you learn all of your things for the first time, from walking your first steps to reading your first book. It’s been a blessing to support you to overcome your fears and worries, like your first day of daycare and riding a bike without training wheels. It’s been a blessing to relish in the love you have for your brother and your dearest friends, your giant heart is one many admire. It’s been a blessing to see you take the lessons we’ve taught you and use them with love and compassion.

But also, watching you grow into the person you’re meant to be, so very quickly, has been slightly painful. Painful because I want to freeze time and memorise the freckles on your nose and the cheekiness of your baby toothed smile. Painful because your laugh is already so different to how it had always been and your clever vocabulary is almost not even meant for my once little boy. Painful because it breaks my heart to think any day from now could be the last time you call me into your bed for a cuddle or ask me to hold your hand. Painful because I never want to forget how you pronounce ‘thigh (fire) bone’ and how you mix up wobbly and wallaby. Painful because I know this time is so very precious but it’s often robbed of us by routine, expectations and the monotony of real life.

Since you came along, we now have darling Noah. And while I love you both the same, our family has you to thank for the mother I have become. God knew I needed you first. You were the one who taught me how strong I could be when the decisions were far from easy. You were the one who showed me how to navigate sleepless nights and long days with patience and kindness. You were the one who made me realise that being a mother was now the single most important thing in my world.

You, my sweet Eman, are the one who made me a mum. I will forever be grateful to you and your role in moulding me to be the right mother at the right time. I can’t wait to grow alongside you as each new stage, each new obstacle and each new milestone comes our way.

Happy birthday my precious boy, you’re six today.

Mum x

All delicious photos by my incredible friend Mel Hill Photography