Every body shines

November 2019

S I N C E // becoming a mumma, one of the best things about spending time in the water is soaking in all the amazing bodies. I love that the minute you step foot in the door or onto the beach, all the judgement, self doubt and societal expectations just slide aside so anyone and everyone can simply enjoy keeping cool.

Watching new mums with their beautiful post-baby belly and fresh stretch marks don a swimsuit so they can relish in the summer with their new baby warms my heart.

Seeing a woman embrace her curves in a gorgeous two piece showing her tween daughter that fun is not limited to a particular size or look is inspiring.

Looking on as a couple canoodle in the water, seeing them so in love and into each other makes me smile. Of course, not once have I wondered what clothing size they wear.

And the most magic thing of all - our kids who we are there with do not blink one eye lid at anyone else relishing in the sun. All they see is families having fun together, through the wonderful rose coloured glasses of childhood acceptance.

They giggle along with the lady who can’t keep herself straight on the slide because she’s laughing so hard. They pass the ball back to the mum after it is swept away from her smiley little babe. They wait patiently while a man slowly takes his time to enter the water. And shock horror, not once do they mention their weight, their shape or their un-groomed bikini line.

I just hope that you don’t let your own insecurities or body worries stop you from having fun this summer. Your body, regardless of it’s configuration, is beautiful and worthy. Let’s all chuck on a pair of those ‘childhood acceptance rose coloured’ glasses and start seeing ourselves the way others do - for our infectious laugh, our kind heart or our fun parenting.

Happy swimsuiting ❤️