25 easy holiday activities

July 2019

Ah! School holidays - they're equal parts amazing and exhausting! We start off strong, eager and keen to relish in our family time, but that enthusiasm often tapers off as the days roll on by and the kids just don't. ever. stop. EVER!

The need for constant stimulation is hard work - especially if you're not actually on holidays yourself. The house work doubles, the time spent making them food multiplies every hour and the real work you *should* be doing gets completely neglected. So, my fellow drained, out-of-ideas parents, I have compiled a comprehensive list of super easy activities to keep the kids busy and you sane. They require very little resources, even less money and seriously not much of your time. Most are 'set & forget' - which is bloody brilliant if you, like me, don't have a nanny, butler, maid or house cleaner. The kids are entertained, while you get to tick some jobs off your never ending list.


J x


1. Catch the bus to town - a couple of bucks, a hoot of a time!

2. Star gaze - rug up, chuck down a rug and look for the saucepan.

3. Make a table cubby - chuck a sheet over your table, throw some cushions & books underneath then pop some head torches on the kids. Fun for them, silence for you.

4. Tally car colours - a clipboard, a botched up tally graph & you're a goer.

5. Lounge Lava - throw some cushions on the floor and escape the lava.

6. Make fruit kebabs - strawberries, watermelon, grapes & berries all skewer well. Add in some marshmallows & you're cheering

7. Have a cupcake decorating competition - or arrowroot biscuit decorating competition - which ever means less prep for you!

8. Have a backyard picnic - finger sandwiches or baby hotdogs on a rug in the sun. Crank some music and put out some balls.

9. Go on a bug hunt. Bundle up some chinese containers & magnifying glasses and send them on their way. Cheerio, explorers!

10. Print free colouring in pages - so many fab, free websites. I have popped some of our faves below for you. Let them pick their pages, then print & colour.. you can even staple a couple into your own makeshift book if you're feeling generous.

Crayola Colouring in

Essential Kids Colouring

Print & Colour ABC Kids

11. Have a craft day - mixed pencils, leftover paper, old boxes, glue & tape should keep them entertained for ages.

12. Paint their faces - click this link to find easy designs to copy. Parents Guide to Face Painting

13. Visit the local library - they always have holiday programs, so be sure to google times. Better yet - sign your kids up for a borrowing card and take home a stash of books and dvds to enjoy.

14. Throw some lollies in the yard and send the kids on a hunt - seriously, the easiest activity and makes you look like a fun parent.

15. Have a LEGO building competition - give limited pieces, or limited time - or click the above LEGO image for free printable challenge cards from The Stem Laboratory

16. Movie Marathon - throw a mattress on the lounge room floor and pull out the old faves - if you're feeling fancy, some microwave popcorn with maltesers will always be a hit!

17. Race leaf boats - for the rainy days, chuck on some raincoats, gumboots and make leaf boats then send them down the gutter.

18. Build a cardboard city - collect all of your recycling (boxes, bottles, rolls & cartons), add some masking tape & black textas and you have yourself a cardboard city in the making.

19. Fashion Show - Let your kiddos loose in your wardrobe (or at least your vinnies bag) then relax with a cuppa & enjoy the show.

20. Rock painting - Find some pebbles or small rocks, paint them up with all sorts of designs then leave them in the park for others to find. Apparently there are a bunch of local rock drop Facebook pages too ... Check it out here.

21. Find your old digital camera & set your kids a photography mission - Check out Playtivities for an awesome photo challenge!

22. Light some sparklers - grab a cheap pack of 12 and light those babies up! As long as you're monitoring the safety side, the kids eat sparklers right up!

23. Hopscotch - an oldie but a goodie! Start with hopscotch on the front driveway, then leave the chalk for the kids to go to town on all the surfaces.. I'm a fan of whatever keeps them quiet for as long as possible.

24. Go for a bushwalk - if you hit a day where you think getting out of the house might save you from throttling your children, pack some drink bottles and some snacks then head on out the the wilderness.

25. Ipad - If all else fails and you're jack of organising crap - give them the iPad & relax in peace.

You can download all of these fab ideas to hang on your fridge.

Simply click the link or the image to save, print & keep both your holiday hooligans happy and yourself sane!