Third baby syndrome

May 2020

I feel I need to start with an apology. It’s been a whirlwind entry into this family - much crazier than you probably could have imagined - hands flying at you from all directions and the noise actually never stops. NEVER. I’m sorry that your third child ranking will dictate much of how it’ll be with you for the first little bit.

In your short life so far you’ve had to dodge nerf bullets while feeding and share your mumma cuddles with probing hands and oogling eyes. You learnt early on how to sleep through the lounge room obstacle courses and midday dance parties. I can guarantee the pummelling cuddles won’t stop, but the force at which they hurl themselves at you might ease over time. You’ve had to share your bonding time with spelling words and thankfully you don’t mind the occasional cameo on zoom meetings. You’ve been subjected to toe pinching, ear folding, cheek squishing and belly raspberries and I have had to rescue you from fort expeditions, baby chair merry go round adventures and quite aggressive peekaboo games. Thankfully, you have adapted quite well to feeding on the run - literally clinging to my nipple while I bake snacks, tie up shoelaces and towel dry wriggly boys.

But even though you’re being dragged along, flung around and left to your own devices .. it won’t always be that way. You’ll soon be holding your own, demanding to be heard and unwillingly wrapping us all tighter and tighter around your sweet little finger. It won’t be long and you’ll be able to defend your third place ranking and use it to your advantage. You’ll realise the tremendous weight that your brothers’ adoration and love holds and it’ll be both your saving grace and arch nemesis.

So, sorry things are a little full on at moment, just hold on tight ❤️ we all love the crap out of you x