Kinder took a piece of you

December 2019

K I N D E R // took a little piece of you from me.

One year ago, it was all about me - I was your centre of gravity, your one true compass, the holder of all the knowledge & answerer of all your questions. I was the one you wanted to share your new joke with, the one you’d bounce ideas off, the one you’d build LEGO with & show your latest drawing too. I knew all the words you would use, all the ways your lips twitched & what things made you giggle. It was all about me. I was your person. Then, you ventured out into the world & it all shifted.

When you began Kinder, you met someone else who would be able to fix your problems, make you feel safe and loved & answer your questions - I lost a little piece of you to your amazing new teacher. She filled my gap 5 days a week, was the apple of your eye & the topic of many of your school day stories. Your beautiful teacher did a bloody wonderful job & I will always be grateful.

She wasn’t the only one to snatch a little piece of you though, your new group of friends also got their fair share. As your friendships strengthened & you became more fond of them, you happily sprinkled pieces of you around to them all. I watched on with a pang of sadness as less drawings were shared with me & more jokes got told to your mates. I was less privy to the things that made you laugh and some of the words you started using were all new to me. I lost many little pieces of you to your mates, which has been bitter sweet.

Slowly over the year, & sadly without me even really noticing, you grew into a new version of yourself - one I still know well, but heartbreakingly haven’t been solely responsible for creating. You have more people in your universe now who impact who you’re becoming & influence how you take on the world. It’s heavy for me to sit back and let this all unfold, as once not so long ago, it was all about me. I was your centre of gravity.

Kinder stole a little piece of you from me, a piece that I always knew was to be shared but a piece I’ll never get back. The realisation has been beautiful & hard to take. Just know that if you ever need me to reclaim any little piece of you, my arms and heart are always open.

Mum x