To my Kindergarten child

December 2019

T O // my sweet kindergarten child,

I am so proud of you! The last 12 months you have achieved more than I could have ever taught you as your mum. This first year of schooling has been such a joy and I know so many of the wonderful foundations you have made are only the beginning on a life full of happiness and success.

You’ve learnt to accept love, discipline and feedback from other adults, which I hope will stick with you right through adulthood. Being able to respect authority, take on advice and make changes is a step toward being humble and kind.

You’ve learnt that you are one amazing person in a room full of amazing people in their own rights. I just hope that you continue to appreciate, tolerate, understand and celebrate all of the amazing people you will come across in your life.

You’ve learnt that not everything comes easy, and much of your schooling will require dedication, perseverance and an internal desire to be the best you can be. My wish is that you never forget that mistakes are ok and that the best things come to those who work hard.

You’ve learnt that there are people smarter, faster and stronger than you and also that there are people whose needs, abilities and opinions are different to yours. Watching that view of yourself in the world transform into into one of empathy, acceptance and pride in your friends and their strengths has been my favourite.

You’ve learnt that friendships can be hard to navigate and often require admitting you’re wrong or being the bigger person and forgiving instead of pursuing. I’m proud of the way you’ve handled the few little issues that have come your way and I hope that you always remember that your love for your mates and their happiness is almost always more important than being right.

My sweet kindergarten child, you would have noticed that none of my proudest moments have been about your grades. My first wish will always be that you’re happy, kind, respectful and fair.. grades and reading levels come a distant second.

Always proud, love your mum x